Luke 24: 5-6.

♥ “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!” ♥

It’s by far my favorite verse in the Bible. Which is why every year, on this day, I reference it. Today, we’ll glorify His name in all things. He is Risen!  HALLELUJAH!

It’s become a tradition ever since you learned to walk. I hide eggs (and sometimes other treasures) in our fields of evergreen trees during the weeks before Easter, and you try to find them. We read the Easter Story and we talk about the true meaning of why we celebrate. And afterwards, we play! You have loved hunting for eggs since your very first Easter, and it melts me that you look forward to this each year. And guess what? This year, it snowed! How fun it was to frolic in the cold and yet still pretend it was really spring!  You are such a gift, child.

♥ Happy Easter, Eli! ♥

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Happy, Hoppy Easter!