I am a fine art wedding and portrait photographer who lives in sunny Colorado! I have an artistic, romantic, and editorial approach to my wedding photography and am entirely inspired by light: how it falls and where it lands. But mostly, I’m inspired by human connection–the ways in which you show love that most people don’t notice–how her eyes sparkle when she sees him, or the way his hand always seems to find its place on the small of her back. I aim for natural, genuine, and timeless photographs, but I also love soft and ethereal images, much like a pale blue sky full of fluffy clouds.

I am a mother. Colorado has my heart and I love Jesus. I shoot mostly film and have rekindled my passion with this medium. I love deeply, passionately, vividly, and wholly. I am blessed beyond measure with a beautiful marriage and a wonderful life. And when I’m in my happy place, it’s usually somewhere being lazy with my two boys: a leisurely, Chipotle lunch in the sunshine; a quick and impromptu photo session, camera always in hand; a pillow-top fortress on the floor, or a cozy bed full of kisses and baby snuggles.

Photography isn’t just a passion of mine, it’s a way of life. My camera is my shadow. And while I spend hours upon hours capturing the stories in my own life, I am just as passionate about capturing yours. Love makes an amazing model…arguably the best. I cannot wait to show you your love and your story in a still-frame. Trust me, looking through pictures at one tiny moment together might just be your new happy place. I know for sure it’s definitely one of mine.

xo, Shannon