Montana is a treasure that money cannot buy.  / Let the rivers rest my soul underneath this great big sky. / And may the mountains be my headstone and in the meadows may I lie. / Bury me Montana when I die. – Mike Murray

For the rest of my days these words will resound within my heart. They were being sung in perfect harmony among the guitar strums of Mike Murray while skirts twirled, hands clapped, and hearts beat along in perfect rhythm. It was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, genuine weddings I’ve ever witnessed. Truly. And I hid behind my camera as my eyes shed happy tears of gratefulness while the melody echoed throughout the walls of the prettiest, big red barn. Montana does this to me every time! Especially when I get to work with the most amazing couples and the endlessly talented Greenwood Events. It’s such a privilege to capture wedded love under this great Big Sky. And I’ll be forever humbled that one of my biggest dreams to date came true when this wedding graced the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings this Spring. If ever there was a love story I could re-live over and over again, the Penhallegon wedding–that was full of magic & true, authentic love–would be it. ♥