If there was anything I could say about you, on this day, Father’s Day…it’s that you are our steady. After seven years of being a Daddy, your consistency is the most grounding and solid piece of our tiny family. The hardest things I can imagine, have been experienced and felt by you. By us three. And yet, your hands don’t waiver. Your feet stay planted. Your mind stays sharp. Your heart beats true. And you faith only gets stronger. I have loved loving you. I have loved seeing you grow and mature as a Father–taking on the role like it was made for you. You aren’t just a Dad. You are a partner. A “goes first” kind of guy. A true leader. And yet, you back me up. You hear me out and compromise when it’s necessary. So many times we’ve met in the middle over the years.

And though you and I had BIG plans for a family, and have dreamed and dreamed for years about our future…the picture we’ve painted in our minds hasn’t quite been the picture I’ve been able to paint in photos. But still, I see solid, consistent smiles. Because that’s what I’ve found in you. You are the only person I want when I’m happy. When I’m sad, or when I’m scared. Eli would second that. And you are the only person I want to come home to. The only person who’s my safe place. The only person I want in my trenches. And in my corner. Eli’s too.

You are the world’s greatest airplane-flyer. The greatest dipper. The best side-kick to your mini-me, and the coolest teacher. You are the funniest book reader, the strongest Daddy, and the most tolerant, bearded “pose again by those flowers” guy. You are the fastest hiker, the snugyliest pillow, and the most solid shoulder ride. You’re a plumber, a computer tech, an irrigation specialist, an athlete, a multi-business runner, and a pancake-making master! You are our comfort; and the wisest and wittiest human we’re just lucky as ever to love. Jason Von Eschen, I’m so glad that no matter what, we’ve lived the fullest, richest, happiest life I could have ever dreamed of having. Because of you. And I’m so proud of who you are on the inside, how beautiful you are on the outside!, and how wonderfully amazing you are as a whole.

Happiest Father’s Day, J. From me and all the babes. (Fur-babies included.) ♥



We love you. …to infinity + beyond!