† Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen! -Luke 24:5-6 †

 † HALLELUJAH! He is Risen! †

It’s been EIGHT Easters with you today! Eight. And neither of us are the wiser for where the time’s gone! I was only half sure you’d even want to do our traditional tree/egg hunt, but silly me! “Of course I do, Mom!!” And yes, my heart melted. So I brought out the eggs.

Unlike last year, we weren’t quite in such a hurry. And unlike every other year, we were in quarantine. Yes, we are living through history right now, Eli, as is the whole world. For the rest of your life, and our own, we’ll never forget this time. The slowing down, the being more present, the locking down in our home as the world shuts down around us. And yet, how fitting (almost) as it’s still occurring during Holy Week; allowing us serious time to reflect together. We’ve done things this week we’ve never made time for! There are so many silver linings to the sadness we see around us, and that’s been our mantra each day: Focus on the Good. Seek and ye shall find.

I marvel at how much you’ve grown!! You could barely wear these shoes and this was your only “non black” outfit that mostly fit you. It’s crazy to think back to years and years of Easters with you where you wore the exact same outfit…and it had never occurred to me that you weren’t really growing! It’s so funny how I’d just never suspected anything was wrong. To me, you have always been perfect. But–we’ve figured it out, helped establish your treatments, and now: you’re my hero. So YES, yes you are growing by leaps and bounds now, and taking your injections like a true warrior. ♥

And it’s not just you who’s grown. Look at our tall and skinny trees!! We limbed them up for our Christmas Tree CYO Customers, but oh my goodness how things have changed!

Happiest Easter, Eli! Thank you for be “somebunny” so special our hearts are always smiling! xx Mama

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