Eli, Eggs, + Easter

† Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen! -Luke 24:5-6 †

We cherish our Easter weekends so much—spending time in worship and with family. For it’s in Jesus we have hope and delight!

We rejoice in his life, his death, his RESURRECTION and the fulfillment of his ultimate promise to us: Eternal Life!

 † HALLELUJAH! He is Risen! †

Eli, for seven years we’ve hunted eggs. And yet this year, was the fastest we’ve had to do it ever! Rising early before work on Easter weekend we grabbed your basket and went out into the sunshine of our field—the birds chirped so loudly around us and it felt like magic! As is customary, I hid eggs first and then you hid them for me, but almost always they’re just sittin’ in plain sight. ♥ Especially this year since most our trees were missing after our Christmas Tree cutting season in December… Ha, you could see right underneath and through each one! Still, in the few minutes we had to run around that field, you made my heart smile so big and I love how much you adore our little traditions. Though your bunny hat sits high over your ears, you insisted on wearing it. I most definitely didn’t argue. I love you, Eli! My sweetest Easter Bunny. 


Copper + Cactus Shower

|| ba·by /ˈbābē/ (n.) — a little bit of heaven sent down from earth. ||

A Baby Shower for our sister, Jessica. With love, from me + Kendall.

What is worth more in the world than family? New members. ♥


The Lost Lumberjack – Eli’s 5th Birthday Bash on Martha Stewart

When it comes to being punctual in sharing my work, I might just be the worst. Literally. I could win an award for how long things take me to actually share! But I’ve come to terms with the mantra Better Late Than Never. And in truth, it applies to all kinds of wonderful things in life. So I’m sticking with it.

And so, in keeping with my endlessly late tradition of sharing sweet Eli’s Parties around Halloween, I’m finally posting the blog of images that Martha Stewart shared last year while we were in Italy–of his birthday two years ago this month. Yea. I know. But I was awestruck that this boy was being featured again + utterly grateful + entirely humbled. Can we just say those are my excuses?

Once again, and during the most appropriately haunted week of the year, another Eli Armani Party: The Lost Lumberjack.